Top Ten

Here the top ten of places, I wanna see…eventually… *g* it´s non-granded, that´s why I didn´t number that list.

# Viaduc de Milau

Oh, that wouldn’t be so far from here *g*
It´s the tallest bridge in the world, and it´s damned overwhelming. It´s length is over 2460 m and it´s height is 343 m Oo
I saw a report on TV and just thought „wow“. When you brake your car, the police´s standing immediatly behind you. And I was fascinated by the art of building. They build the pylons first and then they slid out the entire length of deck surface into the valley, across the pylons from both sides. That´s amazing.

# Grand Canyon Skywalk

I love that shit *gg*. It´s an amazing building, too. It offers the possibility of viewing on a 22-meter projecting over the abyss through the glass floor. That must be awesome.
The Basicbuilding is huge. Unless I´m mistaken, I can remind, they said on TV, that they have to change the plans a few times, because the basic didn´t have the ability to hold the weight of 482 tons.

# chinese wall

I wanna take a walk on that wall. It´s so fascinating, that a so old wall is still there. And it´s so clever build.

#New Zealand

Yes, I have to admit that´s the fault of „lord of the rings“ . I love that wonderful kind of landscape, it seems to be perfect on its own way.
But to visit that… I need, I don´t know, nearly one year, till I ‚d be at home again.

# Guggenheim museum – Bilbao

That´s a building, not to describe in words… and they only need four years to build… respect
It´s clad in glass, titanium, and limestone. Titanium ? hello ??? I saw a report about the process, how the color of that cladding become so flowing in that touch of light golden. It´s such an expenditure.

# Knossos palace

I like the tales of the greek mythology, so I have to know about the minotaur and that building.
First I thought, was :“ WTF, the pylons are made of wood ??“ It´s so crazy.

# Pyramids

no I was never on vacation in egypt… but IF I travel sometimes there… I´ll have to see the pyramids anyway. But there are many other pyramids too I wanna see… the suku temple, the pyramid from the maja…

# Machu Pichu

*lol* I had to google that after I watched the „Simpsons“ a few weeks ago. And that was so impressive…. I can understand, why Lisa wanted to go there ^^,

# colosseum

Yes, and I never travelled to rome… 😦

# Shanghai

Yes, I just wanna go there especially to see these three huge towers. The one on the left side looks like a bottle opener *lol*
Btw, then I have to wait till 2014, then it will be completed, I hope…


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